Man's Best Friend

Disclaimer - The person blogging at this moment is furious with opposite sex. The things he is writing at this point are driven by anger and might not be valid after a change of heart (if he ever does have it).

I have 2 dogs at my home. Both are Labradors and we all love them. When I got home today all huffing, puffing and fuming mad at a girl, they came wagging their tails and started licking me and in a second I felt happy. May be that's why people say dogs are man's best friend. Then I came online and was reading a old conversation of me and Rini when I saw her saying that she thinks dogs are better than guys (she was fuming mad at that point and as usual, I played the role I usually play. Just listen to her until she feels light hearted and gets back to normal. She should be giving the Best Friend Award). I dint disagree but the only thing i changed was from guys to girls. And these are the reasons I think that Dogs are better than girls.

1) Dogs dont expect you to be on time always. They welcome you with same enthusiasm any time you come.

2) Dogs dont crib about tiny things and drive you to a wall with frustration. They dont cry and make a fuss over things which aren't worth being made fuss over.

3) Dogs dont mind if your best friend is a girl and they dont get jealous of her either.

4) Dogs dont complain about your driving.

5) They are loyal. You can be assured that they wont leave you when they find a better looking, richer and more romantic owner.

6) Dogs accept you for what you are and they dont try to change you.

7) When you have a bad day and dont want to talk about it, dogs do get that point and leave you alone or lay near your feet calmly.

8) Dogs are happy with what ever gifts you give them and dont compare them with the gifts you gave to other dogs or your ex-dog.

9) When you take your dog out, it doesnt comment on other dogs dress or her hair or the make up or ugly she is. And when you disagree they dont storm out of there.

10) Dogs would love to camping or trekking rather than going to museums or movies during the holidays.

I have more points to add but i think i better leave it here.


Harini said...

Yeah, yeah, I will give you an award.... after yelling at u for this post :P.

stuti singh said...

Just keeping quiet because I hate the one whom this post is dedicated to.

Kunal Sharma said...

Agree with you bro